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West Lancashire Golf Club

15th February 2024


A regular on the GBT Tour and one of our favourites and an excellent start to the Golf and Business Together Tenth Anniversary 2024 Tour. The West Lancashire Golf Club the ninth oldest club in England and proud to host R&A and England Golf competitions, as well as being featured in the Top 100 Golf Courses in Great Britain. It is also on the Open Qualifier roster and we look forward to welcoming you to Blundellsands  with the GBT Tour for an extraordinary golfing and networking experience.

#GBT2024 West Lancs Golf Event Sponsor: MB Promo

#GBT2024 - West Lancs Golf Club Results

Winner: Chris Hodson ( Balbis Consultancy)  – 42Pts
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St Annes Old Links

7th March 2024


Founded in 1901, St Annes Old Links is one of the fine championship links of England’s north west coast and hosted the Local Final Qualifying for The Open in July 2012 held at nearby Royal Lytham & St Annes, the Ladies' Golf Union Girl’s Home International Matches in August 2013, the English Women's Open Amateur Strokeplay Championship in August 2015, the Boys' Home Internationals in early August 2017 and the UK Seniors Golf Association North West Championship at the end of August 2017. This is one not to miss..

#GBT2023 - St Annes Old Links  Winner: Mike Birchall (BEA)  – 40Pts 

Previous GBT events and the winners: To see the pictures for the St Annes event, visit the GBT Gallery Wander the same fairways graced by legends – from the iconic Water Hagen to the modern brilliance of Rory McIlroy. Our links have been a canvas for golfing greatness, with luminaries like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Sam Torrance, Bubba Watson, and Paula Creamer leaving their indelible mark. Join us at St Annes for a #GBT2024 Tour event that transcends tradition. Immerse yourself in the history, challenge, and sheer brilliance of links golf. Be part of a legacy that echoes with the footsteps of legends. Secure your spot for an unforgettable day where the spirit of golf reigns supreme. Professional:  Daniel Webster Event Sponsor:  TBC Don't miss your chance to be part of a dynamic community that combines the love of golf with the drive for business excellence. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or new to the game, there's a place for you in the GBT2024 Golf and Business Network.

Sandiway Golf Club

26th March 2024

SPONSOR : GBT Business Network

Our fourth event of the GBT 2024 Tour takes place at Sandiway Golf Club for the third year in a row. The GBT Members feedback made it a must for the #GBT2024 Tour. Sandiway. It is set in mixed heath and woodland and blessed with wonderful natural drainage due to its sandy substrate. The highly-rated 18 hole course brings a lot to the table. With a par 70 and a standard scratch 72, the course ensures an enjoyable test of any golfers' ability, whatever your handicap. At GBT, we elevate the traditional golf outing into a networking and business fusion. Our members relish the blend of camaraderie, competition, and connections that define every GBT event. Sandiway Golf Club aligns seamlessly with our commitment to excellence, boasting a Harry Colt designed course that offers both challenge and beauty. Join us at Sandiway for a golfing experience that transcends the ordinary – where the course, the clubhouse, and the connections all contribute to a memorable day on and off the fairways.

Sponsor: GBT Business Network

If you want to have some of the action and the chance to play in the final then come and join like-minded individuals at the premier Golf and Business Network....

Whittington Heath Golf Club

25th April 2024

SPONSOR : Golf & Business Network

Joining the GBT2024 Whittington Heath event is not just a golfing experience; it's an exploration of heritage and a celebration of perpetual reinvention. As you navigate our redesigned course, relish the fusion of tradition and modernity, where each swing is a dance with history. Indulge in the timeless allure of Whittington Heath Golf Club, where every round is a poetic test of true Heathland Golf. This enchanting journey began in 1886, with a handful of holes artfully set amidst the Heath near Whittington Barracks. Fast forward to 1927, when the legendary Harry Colt, like a maestro composing a symphony, transformed the course into an 18-hole masterpiece. Crafted and nurtured in harmony with the Heath, our course stands as a testament to enduring excellence, offering a captivating tapestry of challenges playable year-round. Recently, the landscape of our golfing haven underwent a transformative crescendo. The advent of HS2 beckoned the visionary touch of architect Jonathan Gaunt, who seized the opportunity to weave a new chapter into our storied course. In March of 2022, the curtain rose on five new holes, a testament to our commitment to evolution while honouring the essence of the original layout. But that's not all. By becoming a part of the #GBT Network, you unlock a world of exclusive benefits. Enjoy privileged access to networking events, business growth opportunities, and a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for golf and success. Elevate your golfing journey and business connections simultaneously – a truly unique proposition that sets the #GBT2024 Tour apart. Welcome to Whittingham Heath, where golf transcends the ordinary, and the benefits extend far beyond the greens.


Huddersfield Golf Club

16th May 2024

SPONSOR : GBT Business Network

Join us for the fifth event on the #GBT2024 Tour.
We make our way to the esteemed Huddersfield Golf Club. It is fondly recognised as the 'Home of Yorkshire Golf.' This distinguished club stands as one of the oldest and most esteemed championship golf courses in the North of England. Renowned for its rich history and commitment to excellence, Huddersfield Golf Club recently hosted the prestigious England Men's Team Championships and Yorkshire 1st Division Championships. Beyond its accolades, the club proudly serves as the esteemed home to the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs. Be part of the legacy as we tee off at Huddersfield, where tradition, excellence, and the thrill of the #GBT2024 Huddersfield as we converge on the greens. Come and join us and embark on an extraordinary journey with the #GBT2024 Tour. Where golf becomes a tapestry of triumphs and occasional miracles, followed by the pleasures of exquisite food, refreshing drinks, and cherished conversations with family and friends.
Huddersfield Golf Club
As we delve into the heart of the tour, the spotlight shines on the GBT2024 Huddersfield Golf Club. A sanctuary where history and tradition intertwine seamlessly with the ethos of our exclusive club. Nestled among the scenic landscapes of the North of England, Huddersfield Golf Club stands as a testament to timeless excellence, offering one of the region's oldest and most distinguished championship golf courses. At Huddersfield, they pride themselves on more than just our golfing legacy. It's about extending a warm Yorkshire welcome to every member and guest, ensuring that every visit is etched with memorable moments. Whether you're engaging in a round of golf, networking with fellow enthusiasts, or simply savouring the camaraderie. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere where every interaction is as remarkable as the course itself. Join us on the #GBT2024 Huddersfield Golf Club, where the spirit of golf blends seamlessly with the warmth of Yorkshire hospitality. Experience the beauty of tradition and the thrill of the game, creating memories that linger long after you bid your fond farewell. Golf and Business Network Events previous events held at Huddersfield Golf Club: Don't miss your chance to be part of a dynamic community that combines the love of golf with the drive for business excellence. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or new to the game, there's a place for you in the GBT2024 Golf and Business Network.

Bolton Old Links

6th June 2024


Step into the unique charm of Bolton Old Links Golf Club, a hidden gem recommended by our esteemed GBT Tour member network. This exceptional Championship Golf Course proudly hosts the renowned PGA "Lancashire Open" and unfolds as a masterful creation by the legendary Alister MacKenzie. Prepare for a golfing adventure on our challenging Par-72 layout, a delightful fusion of two loops of nine with the front half gracefully encircling the back. Nestled in an exposed moorland location. Bolton Old Links embraces the wind as a contributing partner to your golfing experience, complemented by our impeccably challenging greens. Ascend to the pinnacle of our course at the 12th hole, where breath-taking views of four surrounding counties await, providing a backdrop to moments of sheer magnificence. Extend your warm welcome at our Clubhouse, where Elizabeth Manniex and our Bar and Catering team invite you to savour a drink from our well-stocked bar. The hospitality doesn't end there – our Resident PGA Professional, Sean Owen, stands ready to offer a first-class customer experience. Explore our well-stocked professional shop and avail yourself of convenient buggy and trolley hire services. Bolton Old Links Golf Club on the #GBT2024 Tour is not just a destination; it's an immersive experience where the love for golf meets unparalleled hospitality. Join us for an unforgettable round, and let the winds of Bolton Old Links carry you through a day of golfing excellence. Don't miss your chance to be part of a dynamic community that combines the love of golf with the drive for business excellence. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or new to the game, there's a place for you in the GBT2024 Golf and Business Network. GBT2024 Winner: Mark Tighe (Ryan Group) 34pts


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Wilpshire Golf Club

26th June 2024

SPONSOR : Consumer Links

Welcome to the newest jewel in the #GBT2024 Tour – Wilpshire Golf Club.

A timeless testament to golfing heritage nestled in the heart of East Lancashire. Established on 20th June 1890, Wilpshire proudly holds the title of the oldest Golf Club in the region. While details of the original course remain shrouded in time, the expansion to 18 holes in 1909 marked a pivotal moment in our rich history. The current 18 holes, a captivating fusion of tradition and evolution, trace their roots back to 1919 when the club enlisted the expertise of the esteemed golf course architect, Mr. H.S Colt of Leeds. Fast forward to 1924, and the legendary James Braid left his indelible mark on Wilpshire. He advised on improvements that included new greens and re-routing certain holes. Since then, the course has witnessed various changes and additions, yet it retains the essence of its 1925 debut, capturing the spirit of a bygone era. Wilpshire Golf Course is a captivating blend of parkland and classic moorland terrain, where the resilient moorland grasses intertwine with the natural allure of heather. It also offers golfers unparalleled views of the picturesque Ribble Valley. As a proud member of the Association of James Braid Courses, Wilpshire Golf Club invites you to join us on the #GBT2024 Tour. Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of our course, where every swing tells a story of tradition, resilience, and the enduring spirit of golf. Business Owners and Managers, seize the opportunity to align your passion for golf with unparalleled networking and business growth. Join the Number 1 Golf and Business Network in the North West – the #GBT Network. Elevate your golfing experience and forge meaningful connections that extend far beyond the greens. Don't miss your chance to be a part of something extraordinary. Join us at Wilpshire Golf Club, where history, tradition, and business excellence converge.


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GBT2024 Away Trip Hill Valley Golf & Spa

16th & 17th July 2024

SPONSOR : Golf and Business Together

Experience the vibrant GBT Away Trip at Hill Valley Golf & Spa, tucked away in the breath-taking north Shropshire countryside.
Indulge in the ultimate golfing getaway with the GBT2024 Away Trip at Hill Valley Golf & Spa. This retreat promises a serene escape with a touch of luxury. As we embark on this golfing adventure, the lush greens of our very own golf club await, offering not just a challenging round of golf, but an experience surrounded by nature's beauty.
Hill Valley Golf and Spa Hotel serves as our tranquil base, conveniently located near the A41 and A49 intersection, just half a mile from Whitchurch Town Centre. The journey begins with a warm welcome to this golfing haven. Picture yourself on the fairway, navigating the two professionally designed golf courses against the backdrop of Shropshire's scenic landscape. But our retreat isn't just about golf; it's a holistic experience. After a rewarding day on the course, unwind in style. Lounge in the bar, take a leisurely swim in the pool, and treat yourself to a restorative massage in our spa. As the day winds down, join us for cocktails in the bar and a delightful dinner at the Borders Restaurant, savouring every moment of relaxation and camaraderie. Your escape doesn't end there – retire to your stylish and luxurious bedroom for a restful night's sleep, ensuring you're ready to embrace Day 2 with enthusiasm. Wake up to a fabulous breakfast, setting the tone for another day filled with golfing excitement and leisure. Join us on this exquisite golfing journey at Hill Valley Golf & Spa – where every swing, every moment, and every experience is crafted for an unforgettable getaway. This is more than a golf trip; it's a celebration of camaraderie, relaxation, and the joy of the game. Book your spot now and elevate your golfing experience with GBT2024!
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Don't miss your chance to be part of a dynamic community that combines the love of golf with the drive for business excellence. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or new to the game, there's a place for you in the GBT2024 Golf and Business Network.

Bramall Park Golf Club

7th August 2024


Step into the embrace of golfing excellence at another new addition to the GBT2024, Bramall Park Golf Club. A venue highly recommended by our Founders. Nestled in the heart of Cheshire, this gem extends a warm welcome throughout the year, inviting enthusiasts to indulge in a golfing experience like no other. Founded in 1894 and redesigned in 1921 by the illustrious Alister MacKenzie—architect of the world-renowned Augusta National, home of The Masters—Bramall Park Golf Club is a testament to timeless design and golfing heritage. This beautiful 18-hole course unfolds in undulating parkland, with fairways graced by the presence of mature native trees, creating a picturesque backdrop that defines Cheshire charm. Renowned as one of the most popular courses in the region, Bramall Park offers more than just stunning views. The expansive practice area, adorned with several greens and bunkers, provides ample space to hone every aspect of your game. Led by the experienced Head Professional, Craig Daggitt, the team at Bramhall Park Pro Shop and Training Academy is dedicated to elevating your golfing experience. Join us on the fairways at the GBT2024 Bramall Park Golf Club for a day of golf, camaraderie, and the signature warmth that defines Cheshire hospitality. The #GBT2024 Tour welcomes you to an unforgettable golfing journey. Don't miss your chance to be part of a dynamic community that combines the love of golf with the drive for business excellence. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or new to the game, there's a place for you in the GBT2024 Golf and Business Network.

Hesketh Golf Club

29th August 2024


Embark on a Journey Through Time:

Immerse Yourself in Golfing Heritage at GBT 2024 Hesketh Golf Club! Another favourite of the GBT Tour, Hesketh is the oldest golf club in Southport, established in 1885. It is a fantastic day out from the minute you arrive at the club to leaving at the end of the day.

Historic Charm, Timeless Elegance:

Step into the rich tapestry of golfing history at Hesketh Golf Club, proudly standing as the oldest golf club in Southport since its establishment in 1885. As a perennial favourite on the GBT Tour, Hesketh promises a golfing experience that seamlessly blends tradition, elegance, and sporting excellence.

Strategic Challenges, Timeless Beauty:

From the moment you arrive at the club, you'll be greeted by the timeless charm of Hesketh. The beautifully manicured grounds, adorned with picturesque landscapes, set the stage for a day of golfing bliss. As you walk through the historic clubhouse, you'll sense the echoes of past golfing legends who have graced these hallowed fairways.

Fairways of Legends:

Hesketh Golf Club boasts a course that not only challenges your skills but also provides a captivating journey through its storied history. The layout, adorned with strategic bunkers and undulating greens, offers a test of precision and strategy. Each hole tells a tale, making your round not just a game but a voyage through the annals of golfing heritage.

Welcoming the GBT Family:

Beyond the course, Hesketh extends a warm welcome to all GBT members, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared passion for the game. The day unfolds with the camaraderie of like-minded individuals who appreciate the essence of golf – skill, sportsmanship, and the joy of being on the fairways.

Sunset Memories:

As the sun sets on your day at Hesketh Golf Club, the memories created on this historic course will linger. GBT 2024 invites you to be part of this legacy, to play where legends have played, and to savour the timeless allure of Hesketh. Join us for a golfing experience that transcends time, blending the classic with the contemporary for an unforgettable day on the links.

'Great golf, hospitality, food and friendly' - GBT Tour

Previous Golf and Business Network events held at Hesketh Golf Club:

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Prestbury Golf Club

12th September 2024

SPONSOR : Scottsdale Golf

GBT 2024 Prestbury Golf Club is the tours penultimate event of the season and a tour favourite, and another course on the tour that is in the top 100 courses in England.
Prestbury Golf Club has hosted many county and national competitions, including the English Seniors Championship and Open Championship Regional Qualifying. Prestbury is always in pristine condition and in July 2016 European Tour player David Horsey commented that the “Golf course is immaculate…virtually tour standard at the moment”. 
As well as the course, the club is rightly proud of its 27-acre practice ground with purpose built grass tee, long and short game areas and indoor teaching facility. The envy of most other clubs!


#GBT2023 - Prestbury Golf Club Winner: Danny Woods (Cosmetic Supplies Ltd) – 41 pts
To see the full results check out Prestbury Golf Club Results.
Previous GBT events held at Prestbury Golf Club and the winners: Visit our GBT Photo Gallery to review pictures from the previous events
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Marriott Worsley Park

3rd October 2024

SPONSOR : Taylor & Taylor Financial Planning

GBT2024 Marriott Worsley Park Golf Club is a fitting end to the tour and celebrating our tenth anniversary, there is no more fitting venue where it all began.

We're thrilled to return to where it all began—the prestigious Worsley Park Golf Club. Not only was this venue the site of our inaugural event, but it also holds a special place in our hearts as the course where the founders once served as Past Captains. For our thirteenth Golf and Business Network event, a fitting end to the tour. The GBT2024 Marriott Worsley Park Golf Club a Premier PGA Championship Golf Course boasts exceptional facilities, a distinctive design, a challenging play experience, and breath-taking picturesque views. Join us for a day of golf, business networking, and fond reflections on a decade of success! Previous GBT Events held at Marriott Worsley Park:

#GBT2023 - Marriott Worsley Park Results Winner: Liam Hunt (Prestfield Wealth Management) – 38 pts

To see the full results check out Marriott Worsley Park Results.

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