🏆 GBT2023 Forest Pines Golf Trip: Day 2 Results 12th July 2023

🏆 GBT2023 Forest Pines Golf Trip: Day 2 Results 🏌️‍♂️ 

What an exhilarating day it turned out to be at Forest Pines Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort! With 32 competitors ready to tackle the challenging Forest and Pines courses, laughter, camaraderie, and a touch of comedy took center stage. 

What an incredible Day 2 at Forest Pines! After a fantastic evening of camaraderie, delicious food, and lively conversations, our members and guests were ready to conquer the course. 😄

Despite some “soar” heads at the first tee, the weather was perfect, with a steady 15mph breeze keeping things interesting. The Forest Pines course showcased its splendor once again, with impeccable conditions and strategic challenges that tested every golfer’s skills. ⛳️🌳

⛳️ The Scores: From Birdies to Bogies ⛳️

GBT2023 with exceptional golfing skills on display, seven players managed to shoot better than par rounds, leaving us in awe of their talent and precision. From the lowest score of 12 points to the outstanding high of 41 points, each swing added to the excitement and drama of the day.

🏌️‍♂️ The Standouts: Triumphs and Smiles 🏌️‍♂️

Let’s give a big round of applause to our standout performers of the day! With a remarkable score of 41 points, Steve Critchley claimed the Day 2 Win and pretty much secured his seat on the plane to the GBT2023 Final. Steve showcasing their incredible skills and leaving us all in awe. But the competition was fierce, and we must also acknowledge Steve Edmonds with 40 points, who fought valiantly until the very end, but has put in a strong performance over the two days to increase his chance of making his first GBT Tour Final.

🤣 The Comedy: Laughter on the Fairways 🤣

Our golf trip wouldn’t be complete without some hilarious moments and unforgettable stories. One such tale involves Martin Rayner, who ingeniously won the nearest the pin challenge by bouncing his ball off the nearest the pin marker just past the flag. A true lesson in creativity and a reminder to place the marker sideways if you find yourself just past the flag!

📸 Reliving the Memories: Browse the Pictures 📸

Head over to our website gallery to enjoy the pictures that capture the joy, camaraderie, and picturesque landscapes of our Forest Pines adventure. Take a trip down memory lane and share the laughter with your fellow golf enthusiasts.

Forest Pines Day 2 Winners

Winner:  Steve Critchley (SC Investments) – 41Pts

GBT_Forest Pines Day 2 Winner_Steve Critchley Presentation

🏆 A massive congratulations to our Day 2 winner, Steve Critchley, who displayed exceptional golfing prowess and secured a remarkable score of 41 points! Well done, Steve! You’re surely booking your place in the final with that performance.

Congratulations and well played Steve!

Runner-Up: Steve Edmonds (Bridgewater Office Supplies) – 40 Pts

🥈 Climbing up the Order of Merit ranks, our Runner Up for the second day was none other than the talented Steve Edmonds ith 40 points. Congratulations on your impressive round! 🥈

Steve is in a rich vein of form at the moment and I can safely say he’s aiming at the final for GBT2023 Tour.

Well played and congratulations, Steve !

Third Place: David Griffin (Release My Equity) – 38 Pts

GBT-Forest-Pines_Day 2_ David Griffin 1st Tee

Another notable performance came from David Griffin, a previous finalist, who clinched the third spot with an excellent score of 38 points. 🥉

Well played, David!

Guest Winner Day 2: Oliver Cambell – 30pts

GBT_Forest Pines Day 2 Guest Winner_Oliver Campbell

🎉 Let’s not forget our guest winner, Oliver Campbell, who made a remarkable comeback to the game after a ruptured Achilles. With 30 points, he showcased his determination and skill.🎉

Congratulations, Oliver!

Nearest the Pin Winners

🎯 Nearest the pin winners added an extra thrill to the day. Congratulations to Ken Moodie on the 6th, David Griffin on the 8th, Martin Rayner on the 10th, and Mike Kulik on the 16th. Fantastic shots, everyone! 🎯

Stay tuned for more updates, including the overall highlights, funny anecdotes, and the heartwarming memories created during our Forest Pines golf trip. Remember, it’s not just about the scores—it’s about the connections we make and the laughter that echoes through the fairways.

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