Order of Merit


Welcome to the GBT 2023 Tour Order of Merit Page! Here, you’ll find the latest standings and updates on the most competitive golf series in town.

The Order of Merit is a true testament to skill, dedication, and consistency on the course.

We’re thrilled to announce that after five exhilarating events, the competition is heating up, and the leaderboard is taking shape. The top three players leading the pack are:

1. Simon Whittle – A force to be reckoned with this year, Simon has been showcasing his talent since joining the tour in 2014. With an impressive 172 points, he’s currently sitting at the top of the standings.

2. Matt Watts – Not far behind is Matt, displaying his exceptional skills with 168 points. He’s a fierce competitor determined to claim the coveted top spot.

3. Michael Lythgoe – With a solid performance, Michael secures his position in the top three with 158 points. Keep an eye on his game as he aims to climb higher in the rankings.

As we move forward, we’ll be producing a league table after every event, so you can track your progress and know exactly where you stand among the best in the GBT 2023 Tour.

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