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Covid-Playing safely

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealing the roadmap for Britain’s exit from lockdown, it was announced that golf courses would reopen on 29 March. There will obviously be strict guidelines in place to ensure everyone plays safely, but we’re sure everyone will...

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Golf-A brilliant business tool

When you consider the benefits golf can have on your business career it really isn’t any surprise as to why more and more companies are now using 18 holes to entertain new and existing clients. Let’s take a look at how golf does this: Great way to connect with others...

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GOLF-Fact V Fiction

FACT-You will walk around 4 miles in an average golf game, burn nearly 1000 calories and take more than 10,000 steps. Golf can help lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and help you stay in shape. FACT-Thanks to the handicap system, golfers of all...

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