GBT2024 Tour: Where the Magic Happens

GBT2023_Le National Entrance_Tim and Mark
Greetings, GBT enthusiasts! Hold onto your golf hats because we’re about to take you on an exclusive journey behind the scenes of the uproarious chaos and meticulous planning that goes into making the GBT2024 Tour the legendary extravaganza it is!

Cue Dramatic Music and Enter Mark and Me: The Dynamic Duo of GBT Awesomeness! 

Picture this: Mark and Tim, Tim is armed with trusty laptop that has his life on it and Mark with his battered note pad! Tim with an audacious amount of coffee, Mark caffeine free, they’re huddled in the GBT headquarters, a place that may or may not resemble a tearoom filled with golf paraphernalia and way too many boards with their names on them.
Now, planning the 10th Anniversary Tour is no walk in the fairway. It involves a cocktail of caffeine, creativity, and a dash of insanity. Our first order of business? Selecting the venues! It’s like picking the perfect ingredients for a gourmet meal, only the ingredients are golf courses, and the meal is an epic golfing experience.

The Negotiation Tango with Club Secretaries and PGA Pros:

GBT2023_Worsley Park_Sign In_Diane Brown Focussed
Ever attempted the delicate task of persuading a Club Secretary to generously allocate us additional tee times? It’s like convincing someone to part with their last slice of pizza—challenging but not impossible!  Well, we have! Armed with charm, wit, and a few questionable dance moves, we negotiate tee times, rates, and sometimes, the promise of eternal gratitude. It’s a delicate dance, but we’ve got moves like Jagger. 

Venue Selection Criteria:

  • A joy to walk with scenic landscape
  • Ideally, 18 holes (or more if they’re feeling generous).
  • Ability to withstand epic golf swings and questionable golf banter.

Inventing New GBT Lingo:

Every year, Mark and Tim embark on a linguistic odyssey, crafting catchy phrases and nicknames for each venue. It’s not just a golf course; it’s a canvas for golfing greatness. For example, “The Eagle’s Nest of Elegance” or “The Birdie Buffet Bonanza.” Trust me; it’s a fine art.

 The Unofficial GBT Sponsors: Coffee & Gluten Free Red Wine

Behind every successful GBT Tour is a vat of coffee, Tim’s secret elixir. It powers his strategic planning, creative genius, and the occasional attempt at perfecting his golf swing. If coffee companies sponsored golf tours, Tim would be their knight in shining golf attire. 
And as for Mark, well, rumor has it his fuel of choice is gluten-free red wine—a concoction rumored to enhance golfing strategy and add a touch of sophistication to our planning sessions. Because why settle for regular brainstorming when you can have it with a side of class and a hint of grape-induced brilliance? Cheers to the dynamic duo fueling the GBT2024 Tour, one coffee cup and wine glass at a time! 🍷☕

The 10th Anniversary Grand Finale:

GBT2024_Anniversary Banner_Master
This year, it’s not just a tour; it’s a celebration of a decade of golfing glory. We’re pulling out all the stops, adding sprinkles of magic to every venue, and plotting surprises that may or may not involve confetti cannons.
So, dear GBT family, buckle up for the ride of a lifetime. The GBT2024 Tour is not just about golf; it’s about the laughter, the camaraderie, and the sheer madness that happens when Mark and I decide to create golfing history.
Stay tuned for more tales from the GBT lair, where dreams are made, golf balls are lost, and legends are born. This, my friends, is where the magic happens, behind the greens and beyond the fairways. See you on tour, and may your swings be as wild as our behind-the-scenes shenanigans! 🏌️‍♂️🎉

Not a Member? Join The GBT Network

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How can I get involved?

GBT10Year_logo Banner
If you’re struggling to get started in the world of golf for business, maybe think about joining a golfing league that’s specifically aimed at business owners and like-minded individuals, like GBT Events. Our 2024 tour is just getting started, so now is a great time to join!
Once we realised the potential that a game of golf could bring to your business connections, creating the ability to establish strong relationships outside the confines of the office and in a more social atmosphere, we had to create GBT Events.
GBT Events is more than just a simple golf tour; it’s also a networking group for business owners and professionals. You get to participate in a sport you love while also meeting like-minded business professionals.
Check out this year’s tour calendar, or take a look at our 2024 tour announcement for an introduction to our events.