🏆 Swinging into the Festive Season with GBT2023 Tour Highlights!

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🏆 Relive the swings and successes of GBT2023! 🏌️‍♂️

Hey there, golf and business enthusiasts! As we gear up for the festive season, let’s take a swing down memory lane and relive the most exciting golf and business highlights of 2023 with Golf and Business Together Ltd. From epic tournaments to game-changing business deals, it’s all here!

⛳️ First off, let’s talk about the launch of the 2023 tour at West Lancs Golf Club.

The energy was electric as GBT members teed off for a year of networking, friendly competition, and of course, a few catch up stories here and there.

It was a fantastic start to what would be an unforgettable year of golf and business! 

Kicking off the GBT events calendar with a bang, the West Lancs event on February 16th, 2023, was nothing short of spectacular. Hosted at one of England’s ten oldest clubs, this challenging links course provided the perfect backdrop for a day of fierce competition and camaraderie. A special shoutout to our generous sponsor, MB Promo, for their support.

The spotlight of the day fell on Steve Edmonds from Bridgewater Office Supplies, who clinched victory with an impressive 44Pts—setting the bar high for the rest of the season. 


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GBT’s journey through 2023 continued with two remarkable events, each leaving its own imprint on the season. On March 30th, the GBT Tour welcomed Fleetwood as a new entry, and the competition was fierce. Emerging victorious was Trevor Roberts of Your Prime Recruitment, showcasing a super back-to-form performance with an impressive 40 Pts. A playing partner’s endorsement only added to the excitement, praising Trevor’s swing as if he were 25 again—truly a beautiful feat on the course.

Fast forward to April 18th at Sandiway, where Mark Ball of Q Financial claimed the winner’s title with another outstanding 40 Pts. Mark not only demonstrated a superlative round of golf but he was also the event sponsor,  Q Financial.


Throughout the year, GBT members showcased their skills and sportsmanship at various tournaments, each one building in momentum. From nail-biting putts to impressive drives, the GBT2023 Tour Highlights were nothing short of spectacular. 

The GBT tour continued its exhilarating journey with three more outstanding events, each adding a unique chapter to the season. On May 4th, St Annes Old Links played host to a competitive field, and emerging triumphant was Paul Armstrong of Armstrong Interiors, securing victory with a solid 35 Pts. His performance showcased not only skill but the kind of finesse that makes every swing count.

Pleasington, sponsored by Chris Hodson of Balbis Consultancy Ltd on May 17th, witnessed Steve Critchley of SC Investments claiming the winner’s title with an impressive 39 Pts. The event, characterized by keen competition, highlighted the prowess of Steve as he navigated the course with precision and strategic brilliance.

Moving forward to June 8th at Davenport, sponsored by the esteemed GBT 2022 Champion Steve Sewell of SSEP Ltd, the spotlight turned to Tommy Cocking of Pulse Project Solutions. Tommy secured victory with a score of 35 Pts, showcasing skill and determination on the course. As the GBT tour unfolds, each event brings new stories of triumph and camaraderie, setting the stage for an unforgettable season!




The GBT tour reached new heights with the Clitheroe event on June 30th, generously sponsored by Tommy Cocking of Pulse Project Solutions. Danny Woods of Cosmetic Supplies Ltd emerged as the star of the day, delivering a stellar performance with 37 Pts and clinching the top spot. This victory marked Danny’s first podium finish on the GBT tour, with a solid round and a strong back nine contributing to his well-deserved win.

Following the local triumph, the GBT community embarked on a superb away trip to Forest Pines on July 11th and 12th. On the first day, Matt Watts of MB Promo showcased his golfing prowess, securing the winner’s title with an impressive 38 Pts. Day 2 witnessed another outstanding performance, this time by Steve Critchley of SC Investments, who scored an impressive 41 Pts to claim victory. A special thank you goes out to Forest Pines for providing top-notch facilities and a warm welcome, enhancing our overall experience and making our stay truly enjoyable.


GBT_Clitheroe_Winner_Danny Woods

The GBT tour continued its exciting journey with a series of remarkable events. First up was the Worsley Park event on August 8th, held at the home of GBT and the founder’s home club. Blessed with great weather, the day was capped off with a phenomenal barbecue. Special thanks to Prestfield Wealth Management for their sponsorship. The event’s crown jewel was Liam Hunt from Prestfield Wealth Management, who secured victory with a fantastic 38 points, making the day even more memorable.

Leigh Golf Club, a new entrant on the GBT Tour, hosted the next event on September 7th, sponsored by Jonathan Cooper from The Directors Helpline. The day saw fierce competition, and emerging as the winner was Mark Tighe from Ryan Group, showcasing skill and determination on the course.

The tour then moved to Wilmslow on September 26th, where GBT 2021 Tour Champion Martin Rayner from Wildes once again claimed the top spot with an impressive 42 points. The GBT tour continues to be a testament to skill, camaraderie, and the shared love for the game

GBT2023_Wilmslow Member Winner_Martin Rayner_26-09-2023

But it wasn’t just about the golf – GBT members also made some game-changing business deals throughout the year. From networking on the green to sealing the deal in the clubhouse, our members proved that business and golf go hand in hand. Who knew that a round of golf could lead to such incredible opportunities?

And thus, the GBT 2023 Tour reached its thrilling crescendo at the majestic Prestbury Golf Club on October 19th. Sponsored by the dynamic duo Chris and Ross Taylor from Taylor and Taylor Financial Planning, the event was nothing short of spectacular.

Danny Woods from Cosmetic Supplies continued his impressive streak, securing another win with a brilliant 41 points, showcasing his unwavering skill and determination.

Returning to our esteemed tour final venue was a joyous occasion for all. Prestbury Golf Club provided the perfect backdrop with its dazzling course, complemented by delightful weather that added to the overall magic of the day.

As the final putts dropped and scores were tallied, the atmosphere was electric, reflecting the shared passion and camaraderie that defines the GBT community.

And so, the GBT 2023 Tour Final concludes with an electrifying crescendo as we unveil the ultimate showdown at none other than the iconic Le Golf National’s Albatros Course!

The dynamic duos for this grand finale include Steve Critchley with Caddie Mark Ball, Steve Edmonds with Caddie Mark Brown, Jon Anderson with Caddie Chris Stanley, and Danny Woods with Caddie Tim Roberts.

The stage is set for an epic battle, and as the final putts drop and the last strokes are played, the winner emerges – Jon Anderson and his exceptional caddie, Chris Stanley. Their collaboration proves to be a winning formula, solidifying their place in GBT history.

It’s been an incredible journey, and this ultimate showdown adds a thrilling exclamation point to the GBT 2023 Tour.

Congratulations to all participants, and here’s to the excitement, camaraderie, and success that defines the spirit of GBT!

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As we reflect on the GBT 2023 Tour, we celebrate not only the individual victories but the collective spirit that makes this community special.

A heartfelt thank you to all the sponsors, participants, and supporters who made this journey possible. Here’s to the memories made, the lessons learned, and the anticipation for what the next GBT adventure holds.

Until next time, may your swings be steady, your putts be true, and your business ventures as successful as your golf game. Farewell, GBT 2023! 🏌️‍♂️🏆

And for those who missed out on the action, fear not! You can catch all the results, content, and unforgettable moments from the year at the GBT Results Page.

It’s the perfect way to relive the highlights and get inspired for the year ahead, if you haven’t already, check out the rest of the photos taken on the day in the Gallery.

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