🏆 GBT2023 Worsley Park Golf ClubResults 🏌️‍♂️ 

8th August 2023

🏆 GBT2023 Marriott Worsley Park Results are in! 🏌️‍♂️

Congratulations to Liam Hunt from Prestfield Wealth Management, clinching victory with a fantastic 38 points.

🎉 Danny Wood secured the Runner Up spot with 37 points after a tiebreaker and better back 9, Paul Johnson took the Third place title with a better back 6. Guest Winner Mark Greene delivered a solid performance with 36 points. 🏌️‍♂️🏅 

🎯Kudos to the nearest the pin winners: David Griffin on the 4th and 7th, Vinnie Jones on the 9th, Timothy Roberts on the 11th, and Mike Charlton on the 14th. 

⛳️ The Scores: From Birdies to Bogies 

We witnessed some incredible performances on the course. Nine players showcased their skills by shooting better than par rounds, while others battled it out to improve their scores. From the lowest score of 17 points to the outstanding high of 38 points, every swing had its own story to tell.

Here are some scoring stats for the day:

Highest score 38pts

Lowest score 17pts

Average 29pts 

Signature hole 7th Stroke 8 – Par 3 – 146yds:  0 birdies, 8 par’s, 24 bogeys, 11 D bogies & 7 worse. 

🏌️‍♂️ The Standouts: Cheers and Victories 🏌️‍♂️

🔮 The anticipation was electric, and the greens were calling! The GBT2023 Marriott Worsley Park event unfolded with a golfing tale of epic proportions. Liam Hunt from Prestfield Wealth Management took center stage, defying odds and a back injury to claim victory with an impressive 38 points. Rumor has it, his secret weapon was a visit to his chiropractor, giving his swing that extra touch of magic! 🏌️‍♂️

🤣 The Comedy: Laughter on the Fairways 🤣

Mother Nature herself seemed to be on our side, bestowing flawless golfing conditions that added a dash of enchantment to the day. Worsley Park Golf Course, undeterred by the recent rain, greeted players with impeccable fairways and greens that were smoother than silk and swifter than a whisper.

Our taste buds were treated to a culinary masterpiece at the barbecue, enhancing the camaraderie among members and guests, making the day unforgettable.

Amidst the impressive scores, the day was peppered with laughter-inducing tales. Vinnie Jones treated us to a chip on the 8th that could’ve been scripted by golfing tricksters – and yes, we captured the moment in the video and pictures for all to enjoy!

😄 Meanwhile, Tommy Cocking provided a comical twist with a 360-degree spin-out after missing a seemingly straightforward 6″ putt. From unexpected bounces to wayward shots, we had our fair share of comedic golfing mishaps that kept us all entertained. Laughter truly is the best medicine on the fairways!

📸 Reliving the Memories: Check Out the Pictures 📸

Visit our website gallery to browse through a delightful gallery of pictures capturing the action, camaraderie, and the course layout of the Worsley Park Golf Course. Get ready to relive the memories and share the laughs with your fellow golf enthusiasts.

Worsley Park Golf Club Winners

Winner: Liam Hunt (Prestfield Wealth Management) 38 Pts
🏆 A huge congratulations to Liam, recovering from a back injury and back with a bang! Well done, Liam! 👏

GBT2023_Worsley Park Winner_Liam Hunt

Runner Up: Danny Woods (Prestbury Wealth Management Ltd) 37 Pts
🥈 Danny Woods put on a stellar performance, finishing as the Runner Up with an excellent round of golf. score of 37 points. Great job, Danny! 🥈

GBT2023_Worsley Park_2nd_Danny Woods

Third Place: Paul Johnson 37 Pts
🥉 We also want to recognise Paul, Captain of Northenden, and returning from illness with an excellent score.

Well played, Paul! 🥉 

GBT-Forest-Pines_Day 1_ 3rd Andy Knight

Guest Winner: Mark Greene 36 Pts
🎉 Let’s not forget our guest winner, Mark Greene his first visit to GBT, who showed exceptional skills and impressed us all. We look forward to seeing more of him.

Congratulations, Mark! 🎉

GBT2023_Guest Winner_Mark Greene

Nearest the Pin Winners

🎯 Nearest the pin winners added an extra thrill to the day. Congratulations to David Griffin, showing his skills and accuracy with securing nearest position on the 4th and 7th, Vinnie Jones on the 9th, Our very own Tim Roberts on the 11th, Mike Charlton on the 14th, Fantastic shots, everyone! 🎯

🏨 Marriott Worsley Park Golf Club provided top-notch facilities and a warm welcome, making our stay even more enjoyable. Thank you for hosting us!

🌟 As the sun set on Worsley Park, it was clear that some members had significantly boosted their Order of Merit scores. With only three events left, the race to the final is more thrilling and unpredictable than ever.

⛳️With our sights now set on GBT2023 Leigh Golf Club, backed by The Directors Helpline, the excitement continues to brew. Who will seize the crown in this thrilling championship?

🔮Stay tuned as we journey towards the climactic finale of the GBT2023 Tour! 🏌️‍♂️

⛳️ Get ready for an exciting Day 2 at Forest Pines. We can’t wait to see who will rise to the challenge and conquer the course. Good luck to all participants!

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If you haven’t already, check out the rest of the photos taken on the day in the Gallery.

Stay tuned for the upcoming update of the Order of Merit, where we’ll see how the standings have shifted after this exciting event.

Next on our regular tour schedule is the Leigh Golf Club on 7th September, sponsored by The Directors Helpline. Save the date and get ready for another thrilling day of golfing action!

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