Huddersfield Golf Club


16th May 2024


GBT 2024 Tour’s Fifth Event takes place at Huddersfield Golf Club. Founded in 1891, the club has invested heavily in the quality and presentation of its 6,500-yard championship course. The greens prepared to USGA standard are quick-drying, with often fast running fairways, this course offers a challenging but great day’s play of golf.

GBT Comment: “Challenging but very enjoyable course with narrow fairways that run quick and small greens, one of our favourites in the Yorkshire Region”

Come and join like-minded business owners and managers at the North West Premier Golf and Business Network.

GBT Tour 2024 – Winner: Steve Critchley 40 Points

Address: Fixby Hall, Lightridge Rd, Huddersfield HD2 2EP

Professional: Alex Keighley

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Join us for the fifth event on the #GBT2024 Tour.

We make our way to the esteemed Huddersfield Golf Club. It is fondly recognised as the ‘Home of Yorkshire Golf.’

This distinguished club stands as one of the oldest and most esteemed championship golf courses in the North of England.

Renowned for its rich history and commitment to excellence, Huddersfield Golf Club recently hosted the prestigious England Men’s Team Championships and Yorkshire 1st Division Championships.

Beyond its accolades, the club proudly serves as the esteemed home to the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs. Be part of the legacy as we tee off at Huddersfield, where tradition, excellence, and the thrill of the #GBT2024 Huddersfield as we converge on the greens.

Come and join us and embark on an extraordinary journey with the #GBT2024 Tour. Where golf becomes a tapestry of triumphs and occasional miracles, followed by the pleasures of exquisite food, refreshing drinks, and cherished conversations with family and friends.

Huddersfield Golf Club

As we delve into the heart of the tour, the spotlight shines on the GBT2024 Huddersfield Golf Club. A sanctuary where history and tradition intertwine seamlessly with the ethos of our exclusive club.

Nestled among the scenic landscapes of the North of England, Huddersfield Golf Club stands as a testament to timeless excellence, offering one of the region’s oldest and most distinguished championship golf courses.

At Huddersfield, they pride themselves on more than just our golfing legacy. It’s about extending a warm Yorkshire welcome to every member and guest, ensuring that every visit is etched with memorable moments.

Whether you’re engaging in a round of golf, networking with fellow enthusiasts, or simply savouring the camaraderie. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere where every interaction is as remarkable as the course itself.

Join us on the #GBT2024 Huddersfield Golf Club, where the spirit of golf blends seamlessly with the warmth of Yorkshire hospitality. Experience the beauty of tradition and the thrill of the game, creating memories that linger long after you bid your fond farewell.

Golf and Business Network Events previous events held at Huddersfield Golf Club:

Don’t miss your chance to be part of a dynamic community that combines the love of golf with the drive for business excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the game, there’s a place for you in the GBT2024 Golf and Business Network.


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