A Great Start to the 2022 Tour at West Lancashire Golf Club

West Lancs Photo Collage

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We’re back!

Our first event of the 2022 GBT Tour proved to be an ‘interesting’ one.
The weather can only be described as BRUTAL.
West Lancs - Windy weather
With the full force of storm Franklin still upon us, we experienced 45mph wins tearing through the links.
And just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, then came the fearsome hail showers.
Windy Conditions Collage
But still, our members and guests played on through the unruly weather and came up with some decent scores, considering the extremely testing conditions.
The sun even showed its face!
Selfie in the sun

Here’s a video to see what we were up against:

An eventful start to the tour, but a great time nevertheless!

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Our next event of the tour will take place at St Annes Old Links on the 17th March, hope to see you there!
If you’re new here, check out this year’s tour calendar, or take a look at our 2022 tour announcement for an introduction to our events.
CATAX GBT 2022 Main Tour Sponsor