Welcome on Board Prestfield Wealth Management

We are proud to announce that Prestfield Wealth Management will be sponsoring our seventh event of the GBT 2022 tour at Marriott Worsley Park Golf Club.

A big thank you to everyone at Prestfield Wealth Management for their support.

Who Are Prestfield Wealth Management?

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Prestfield Wealth Management UK Ltd was established when its Director John Myatt accepted an invitation to join St. James’s Place Wealth Management. The vision was to provide clients with access to both financial advice in the comfort of their own home, as well as being able to visit a high street location for advice.
With offices in Swinton close to Monton high street (a short drive away from Worsley) and another office on Prestwich high street, close to Manchester city centre, clients are welcome to walk in and discuss all their financial needs.
Prestfield Wealth Management specialise in providing high-quality personal advice on many aspects of wealth management, some of which include:

Investment Planning

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Whether you’re looking to invest for income or growth, the right investment strategy is critical in helping secure your future financial well-being. 

Prestfield Wealth Management can offer you advice which helps create the right investment strategy, based on your own specific circumstances.

The St. James’s Place range of investment solutions and ongoing services has been carefully refined to help you reach your financial goals.

St. James’s Place risk-rated portfolios enable you to spread your investments across a wide range of global asset types, run by fund managers with different investment styles, to create a balanced and diversified investment solution.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning

When it comes to thinking about your retirement, it’s never too soon to get started. In an increasingly uncertain financial landscape, now is the time to ensure you have access to the expert retirement advice you’ll need.

More than ever, it’s vital to make the most of your retirement opportunities. Prestfield Wealth Management will help you set up or review your existing retirement strategy.

They offer a full range of expert advice and services across all areas of retirement planning, whether you’re looking to maximise your pension fund, you’re nearing retirement yourself, or you’re managing employee retirement.

Protection Planning

There was a time when looking after your estate was only for the wealthy. Most of us are aware of the need to make plans to ensure our futures are protected, but very few of us are actually doing anything about it.

Today, anybody can find themselves struggling to understand the complexities of estate protection and Inheritance Tax processes, and it’s not solely about Inheritance Tax either.

More than ever, it’s vital to consider the whole picture. How does Capital Gains Tax affect you? What would happen in the event of illness? Are you prepared should you suffer a loss of income?

Prestfield Wealth Management can help you to assess your individual situation and requirements, before devising a plan to ensure you have the peace of mind you need.

Banking and Mortgages

Finding the correct solutions for dealing with your finances is vital. And those solutions are different for everybody. We’re all working within different financial landscapes, which means we should all be finding our own individual solutions. Prestfield Wealth Management can help you with this.

They offer a range of products and services which have been designed with you at the very heart of them.

Need a mortgage? They can definitely help with that. With some of the lowest interest rates ever seen, currently available on the market, there’s a lot to consider in making sure you take a fully informed choice.

They can also help with day-to-day cash management and the opportunities available when it comes to other loans and borrowing.

Prestfield Wealth Management take the time to get to know you and your requirements, before helping you effectively manage your finances.

Corporate Services

Time is rarely on your side when you’re running a business. It takes commitment, hard work, determination and perseverance to succeed.

So when it comes to the businesses’ finances, and indeed your own, you could probably do with a helping hand to ease the pressure and keep things running smoothly. Without the right help, financial planning for yourself and your employees can quickly become neglected and sometimes completely overlooked.

Effective planning is key, especially as your business grows and the finances start to become increasingly complex.

Prestfield Wealth Management can help you put the right plans in place; plans that will help to build your financial security over the longer term with their range of services designed for the corporate world.

Intergenerational Wealth Management

Intergenerational wealth management is about how families use their collective wealth to support each other during their lifetimes.

Increasing life expectancy and major social change mean many families need to reconsider how their wealth can work harder for the benefit of the whole family.

Traditionally, wealth has passed from one generation to the next upon death. However, intergenerational wealth management challenges that notion and looks at how families can use their wealth more collaboratively to support each other during their lifetimes.

Specialist Advice

Prestfield Wealth Management also offer a wide range of specialist financial advice in a variety of other sectors, including:

  • Medical Professionals (GP’s, NHS Consultants, Dentists & more)
  • Business Owners
  • Sports Professionals
  • Private Clients

For the full details of the range of products and services that are available, view the ‘Wheel of Services’.

If you’d like some more information and see what they could do for you, take a look at Prestfield Wealth Management.