Why is golf a great sport in business?

Well first of all let me ask you this question: What do you think the response would be if you called a business you’d never spoken to before and asked them for a 4 hour meeting at their office? I think we all know what the answer would be. Now imagine being introduced to that person at a golf course and playing 18 holes with them.

Business relationships are built on rapport, trust and a good connection, and a round of golf if a great way to get to know someone in a more informal setting. People usually only do business with those they know and trust.

There are many benefits of golf in business:

-The handicap system allows players of all levels to play competitively without causing tension because of skill differentials

-Eliminates corporate formalities and organisational ranks making it ideal for company events or corporate days out

-Great for networking with business people you may not have had the opportunity to meet before

-Allows you to connect with people properly as there’s lots of time to talk between holes and in the clubhouse. And the shared interest in golf you both have can provide a good conversation opener whenever you may meet

-Focus, tactics and technique are all key mental skills needed to be successful in business, all 3 of which are used in golf. Golf can help you learn to think strategically, stay calm under pressure and retain integrity

Golf and Business Together (GBT) have a great line up of events for our 2016 tour. This is for everyone who would like the opportunity to play competitive golf at some fantastic courses across the North West whilst networking with like minded business people. See more here.