GBT2023 Tour Unveils Davenport Golf Club:

A Day of Triumph and Networking

Manchester golf club collage - first tee and nearest the pin

Steve, SSEP Ltd, GBT Champion Golfer of the Year 2022 sponsored Davenport. Steve is a Founder Member,  popular and well-liked member, and we will always be grateful for his support and friendship. Thank you Steve

Steve Sewell GBT2022 Tour Champion
For our sixth event of the GBT2023 Tour we visited the magnificent Davenport Golf Club!
The GBT2023 Tour recently made its debut at the picturesque Davenport Golf Club, marking an exciting chapter in our golf and business journey. This exceptional venue, known for its stunning greens and challenging fairways, provided the perfect backdrop for a day filled with friendly competition and fruitful networking.

🏆 As we teed off at Davenport, we couldn’t help but reminisce about last year’s champion, Steve Sewell, who proudly calls this golfing gem his home club. With his remarkable victory in 2022, Steve showcased the true spirit of the GBT2023 Tour, and we are thrilled to announce that future champions will have the privilege to select their own course for the GBT2024 Tour. A testament to the growth and success of our community of golfers!

This was GBT’s first visit to Davenport Golf Club and it won’t be the last.
🌟 It was an absolute pleasure to welcome GBT Ambassador and renowned actor Alan Halsall, best known for his role on Coronation Street, to the Davenport event. Not only did Alan grace us with his presence, but he also showcased his exceptional golfing skills, securing two nearest the pin prizes and finishing an impressive 3rd overall. Alan’s dedication to the sport and commitment to our network is truly inspiring.
GBT2023_Davenport_GBT Member 3rd_Alan Halsall
🤝 We must extend our heartfelt gratitude to Captain Bob McGowan, who warmly greeted every group at Davenport, fostering a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship among our participants. Bob’s generosity was also evident in his contribution of a coveted fourball prize to visit Davenport once again. Such acts of kindness and support truly make the GBT2023 Tour a remarkable community.
Davenport Golf Club_Bob-McGowan-Captain 2023
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📸 Stay tuned for captivating photos and highlights from the Davenport event, as we capture the remarkable moments that unfolded on the course. Visit the results page for a full breakdown and check out our vibrant gallery at for the pictures that beautifully capture the essence of the day.

If you haven’t already, take a look at Davenport Golf Club Results or check out all the group photos in the Gallery.

With tee times still available, the next event of the tour will take place at Clitheroe Golf Club on the 30th June, hope to see you there!
If you’re new here, check out this year’s tour calendar, or take a look at our 2023 tour announcement for an introduction to our events.
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