You may have heard the phrase ’born with a silver spoon in his mouth’, but what about ‘a golf club in his hand’?

There are some professional golfers who have been playing since they were barely out of nappies. Even at a very young age you can tell by that look of determination in their eye and their stance that they mean business.

Rory Mcllroy aged 9

Rory was hitting 40 yard drives by the age of 2 and at just 9 years old he hit his first hole in one. Rory went pro in 2007 aged just 18 becoming the youngest ever player to rank among the world’s ‘Top 50 golfers’.

Tiger Woods aged 2

Obviously a natural, Tiger took to golf like a duck to water.The rest as they say is history as Tiger went on to win a long list of golf tournaments which you can view here.   

So it would seem that many pro’s started young and grew into the great golfers they are today. So if your kids are keen get them on the green!