Whilst continuing advancements in technology make it easier to communicate with lots of people throughout the course of a day what is actually being lost is the face to face in-person interactions we use to build relationships.

This is why four hours on the golf course through fairways, greens and bunkers still remains one of the best places to build and maintain a great business relationship.

Imagine calling a business up and asking them for a meeting which would take a few hours of their time, they would probably decline and hang up. But an afternoon of golf away from the office is exactly the same but provides a casual environment where people can get to know one another whilst enjoying a game of golf.

It’s important to point out however that it is very rare for a deal to be closed during a round of golf, and if you approach the game with the intention of clinching a deal you will ruin the chance of building a business relationship and almost certainly any chance of getting a contract.

Golf is a communication hub and should be used as an opportunity to get to know your playing partner. Golf etiquette, or lack of it, can reveal how a person conducts themselves. From determining driving order to conceding a putt, it just comes down to good manners. So cursing or throwing your clubs when you overshoot the green will indicate to your playing partner you are a bad tempered and a sore loser. Those who accept failures with grace and victories with humility are probably a better business connection to have. Golf rewards players who never lose their temper, remain calm under pressure and who think strategically, all of which are great business virtues.

GBT 2016 Tour is a schedule of great events across some of the best courses across the North West throughout the year. Take a look and join us for what could be the start of a some great business building for your company this year.