It doesn’t matter whether you love it or hate it, the fact is we are living in a digitally enhanced society and Social Media has opened up the world of communication to a global level.

Businesses who communicate well through the use of social media channels will reap the rewards. By interacting with customers and engaging with them on social media it helps build valuable relationships in a natural and personable way which builds brand loyalty.

Social media users tend to prefer brands that communicate in a less formal or promotional way. For example, a fashion brand that wrote a guide on what style of jeans suit what body shape would probably see more sales of jeans than they would if they’d placed an advert. Always avoid sales pitches and focus on helping and engaging with your followers.

Most of the social media websites are free to use which makes social media a very cost-effective method of engaging with both existing and new target customers whilst promoting your brand.

On a personal level social media can be used to follow and interact with those who have similar interests. Being able to make new contacts and share stories, tips, ideas with like minded individuals is a great feature of social media. This is one of the reasons GBT have developed our own free social network for those who love golf and business