Whatever your reason for playing golf be it a social thing, a competitive thing, a way to keep fit or all three, it’s important to be mindful and respective to other players. So bearing this in mind here is what NOT to do on a golf course.

Be late for your tee-off time

Only reserve a tee off time that you can definitely make. Try and arrive a little earlier if possible. Golf clubs will usually set tee times about 7-10 minutes apart as this keeps players organised and moving round the course.


 Lose your patience

Golf is meant to be fun and relaxing so if you catch up to a slower group try and be patient. Many players will allow you to progress ahead of them, especially if there are only a couple of you. Getting angry and frustrated with slow inexperienced players will only knock their confidence which will slow them down even more.

Not be respectful of the course and greens

A lot of time and effort is spent by golf clubs ensuring the course looks its best for players so be mindful of this. Repairing any marks from your balls, removing your footprints from bunkers with the rake and replacing any divots you make on the green are things that every golfer should be doing when playing a course.

Not mark your card on the green

In order not to hold up players who are following you wait until you’ve left the hole before marking your card.

Dress inappropriately

Never turn up in beach shorts and a t-shirt, or jeans and trainers. It’s always worth checking before you play as most clubs have their own dress code. As a rule of thumb a safe bet is always a collared golf shirt, trousers or tailored shorts and golf shoes.