1. FICTION-Golf won’t get you fit.

FACT-You will walk around 4 miles in an average golf game, burn nearly 1000 calories and take more than 10,000 steps. Golf can help lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and help you stay in shape.

2. FICTION-You need to be a good player to be able to play some courses.

FACT-Thanks to the handicap system, golfers of all different abilities can play against one another on a level playing field

3. FICTION-It’s expensive.

FACT-Like any sport, it depends where you purchase your equipment from and where you play. Golf is only expensive if you buy top of the range premium clubs and golf wear. There are lots of places to buy good quality used golf clubs for a fraction of the normal price. As for membership fees they will vary from club to club but there are plenty of affordable pay and play options available that will suit all budgets.

4. FICTION-Golf takes too long to play, I don’t have the time.

FACT-Whilst the average round of 18 holes of golf takes about 4 hours you can play just 9 holes which takes half the time. Other leisure activities such as the gym, cinema, dining out etc would take a couple of hours of your time too, so it can still fit into your lifestyle. If you play just 9 you can find the time!