There are great golfers, good golfers, ok golfers and those that are, well let’s just say, ‘not quite got the hang of it yet’. Golf is a game that be enjoyed by anyone, whatever your standard, but when you do play ensure you understand golf etiquette. This is a set of rules and best practices which are designed to make golf both safer and more enjoyable for players. It also minimises any possible damage to golfing equipment and the golf course.

There is no ‘I’in ‘round of golf’ or ‘golf club’ which means you should respect and consider other players and the course you are playing on. Take a look at Arnold Palmers rules of golf etiquette, most of which is common sense to me. But if there is anyone who disagrees or thinks golf etiquette is ‘old hat’ they should maybe steer clear of me on the greens and fairways!

And judging by this video, whilst funny, there are many people who really don’t have a clue!