Imagine calling someone and asking them if they had 4 hours free for a meeting so you could get to know them, it just wouldn’t happen as they’d probably just hang up on you. But if they accept an invite to a round of golf, that’s exactly what you will get. Four hours on a golf course provides a casual environment where you and the other members of your foursome can relax and get to know each other away from the work environment.

Business is all about connections and while online connections continue to grow, its value pales in comparison to a real conversation. Having the opportunity to chat and get to know a person is the first step towards building a good working relationship, and spending time with key people will reveal a great deal and provide good opportunities.


Those who have tried networking groups will know they meet for a couple hours over breakfast or lunch and match professionals looking to make connections in their various fields. The reality however is that over the course of a couple of hours you will meet many people but rarely get any quality time to chat. It takes more than a few minutes at a time to really get to know someone which is where golf can help.

Networking while golfing gives those you are playing with with an idea of your adaptability, generosity, patience, and sense of humor — all traits that are highly valued in business.