When you consider the benefits golf can have on your business career it really isn’t any surprise as to why more and more companies are now using 18 holes to entertain new and existing clients. Let’s take a look at how golf does this:
Great way to connect with others
Being inherently sociable golf is a great way to meet new people, especially when being paired up with a new playing partner or in a four-ball. Spending an average of 4 hours on the course there is plenty of time to chat between holes as well as in the clubhouse after the game.
Quality time with customers/potential customers
Where else can you spend four quality hours with a company CEO, MD, valued customers or your boss? With today’s busy schedules most of us are lucky if we can get five minutes or indeed a first appointment if it’s a prospect. There is simply no other sport with the amount of quiet time between shots that allows for wide-ranging conversations and mutual interests to be discovered.
Business Intelligence
You can learn more about a person in four hours golfing than in a lifetime of meetings. Not just by what they say, but by how they handle themselves on the course. Do they play by the rules and control their emotions, or do they fudge and blow a fuse?
Game for Life
Golf is a sport that suits all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. The handicap system allows people of widely varying abilities to play together and still compete. So the 60-something CEO can still beat his 30-something employee or prospect. You couldn’t do that on the squash court!
Healthy heart
Apart from those who have a physically demanding job, most people will spend many hours a day sitting down. Sedentary daily routines can have serious consequences for your health and productivity. Golf can help you get active, stay in shape, lower cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease. Research shows that those who are physically active and more mentally alert too which is obviously a benefit in the business world.
One of the great things about golf is you can just show up at a club and get a game. Depending on your business, you could be looking at three prospects each and every time you tee it up! Golf is the ultimate networking environment for all kinds of professionals and services. If you enjoy golf and would like the opportunity to make new some connections GBT have several events on our 2017 tour you can still attend. We’d love to see you, click here for more details.