To be successful in business you obviously need to know your stuff, but you also need to know the right people. Having a great source of connections is essential and can open up so many doors that may otherwise have stayed shut.

The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce provides first-class business support to companies of all shapes and sizes and is holding a golf/networking day on 7th July at the Marriott Worsley Park.Those who love business and golf would be mad to miss this as you have the opportunity to meet lots of new like-minded business people, enjoy some great golf, win great prizes and enjoy some great food and a drink later in the day.

Business networking is one of the best ways to learn from the success of others, expand your knowledge, make new connections and tell others about your business. It can open the door to highly influential people that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to easily talk to or find.

You can raise your profile by when you regularly attend business and social events as it will help to get your face known. You can build your reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable and supportive person by offering useful information or tips to people who need it. You are also more likely to get more leads and referrals as you will be the one that pops into their head when they need what you offer.

With a motivated group of business owners comes an abundance of opportunities, and in fact this is where the benefits of business networking are huge! Opportunities like joint ventures, client leads, partnerships, speaking and writing opportunities, business or asset sales… the list goes on, the opportunities within networking are endless.

Networking is a great way to tap into advice and expertise that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get hold of. Advice on a variety of things, business and personal helps obtain that work-life balance.

Many friendships form as a result of networking because you are all like-minded business people that want to grow your businesses, and you meet and help each other regularly, so naturally strong friendships tend to form.

So if you love your business and enjoy golf this is a day you should put in your diary. To book click here, or call Mark at GBT on-0161 871 0826.