Not only does golf have many health benefits for players but it can also have many wealth benefits too as golf is a great sport for business. Golf allows players of all ages and ability to play against each other, plus there’s plenty of time to talk compared to other types of corporate hospitality.

Here are some of the business benefits of golf:

Great place to network

Golf is a very sociable sport with plenty of time between holes and in the clubhouse to get to know potential business leads and new clients. Plus, when you share an interest in golf it can provide you with a conversation opener when you next meet. You’ll get to know people a lot better during a round of golf than you would do sat across a desk in an office.

Builds key mental skills

Golf involves a lot of technique, tactics and focus, three mental skills which are key to getting ahead in business. Players also learn to think strategically and remain calm under pressure, also great virtues to have in business.


Business Intelligence

Four hours on a golf course will give you a peek into the ethics and integrity of your playing partner. It isn’t just about what they say, but also how they handle themselves. Do they play by the rules, or do they get frustrated and try to cheat?

Ease of conversation

Playing golf with other business people gives individuals the opportunity to enjoy a shared interest. When you share an interest like golf and have common ground you will find conversations are easier to start up and develop during the four hours of play.

Most people prefer to do business with someone they know, and one of the best places for getting to know someone is the golf course. The golf course is a great place for developing new business relationships and enhancing existing ones.

If you love golf, enjoy business and want to make some new business connections why not join GBT for 2016.