As with any product manufacturers of golf balls will each claim theirs is better than the other, but what is the actual difference between them?

Let’s first establish what type of golfer you are. For those who have just started playing golf or who have a high golf handicap the golf ball you play with will make little difference to your game. As your game improves however the golf ball you use can make a difference in several ways:

-Some will allow the player to have more of a ‘feel’ of the shot

-Some fly a longer distance

-Some golf balls make it easier to impart more backspin

Which golf ball you choose really depends on which of the above you feel has the most importance.

What most non professional golfers really want to know is what the difference is between a cheap golf ball and an expensive one.


Cheap golf balls

Although these golf balls are quite durable and don’t usually mark or scuff easily they:

  • Have less spin
  • Are quite hard so there is less ‘feel’ for the golfer
  • Are generally just used for distance


More expensive golf balls

The more experienced golfer and those with a lower handicap will be able to use their skills to control this type of ball which:

  • Have more spin
  • Give the golfer better control of shots around the greens
  • Because the cover on the golf ball is softer it allows the golfer to have a better feel of the spin on the shot. The more experienced golfers will be able to manoeuvre their shots with spin when they need to using this type of golf ball

For something better than a budget ball but not as expensive as a pro would use there are Mid Range golf balls. These combine a lot of the distance you get with budget golf balls and some of the control you get with expensive ones.

Watch this video demonstrating the use of both budget and top range golf balls: