Martin Rayner


Business Name: Wilds Chartered Accountants

Role: Partner 


Business website :

Type of business : Accountants Practice

Handicap and Present Golf Club : 8 @ Pikefold Golf Club

Best Golf Course Ever Played : Pawleys Plantation (South Carolina)

Business Profile

Wilds is an Accountancy Practice based in Radcliffe that does all the number crunching you would expect an accountancy practice to do including careful tax planning. However we like to take the time to understand the reasons why our clients are in business and what defines success for them.

Numbers can be used to measure anything, but we like to make sure we are clear as to what a clients Ambition is for their business, as achieving that Ambition is a much better barometer of success than any number could provide.

So whether it is to systemise your business better so you can have a 4 day week to spend more time with your family or you want to develop a new product that nobody has done before we will be working with you to get there.


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