GBT2023 Forest Pines Golf Trip:

A Memorable Golfing Experience

We recently embarked on an exciting two-day golfing adventure at the stunning Forest Pines Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort. The trip was filled with unforgettable moments, exceptional golf, and wonderful camaraderie.

Day 1:
Challenging Golf and Perfect Weather. Despite some unpredictable weather conditions, our enthusiastic members and guests tackled the challenging Forest Pines course with gusto. From tight fairways to well-guarded greens, every hole presented a unique test of skill and strategy. The players showcased their determination and resilience, taking on the course with unwavering focus and determination.


Winner: On day one, the remarkable Matt Watts emerged victorious, delivering an outstanding performance with an impressive score of 38 points.

GBT_Forest Pines Day 1 Winner_Matt Watts

Runner-Up: Tommy Cocking demonstrated exceptional consistency and skill, securing the runner-up position with an impressive 37 points.

GBT_Forest Pines Day 1 Runner Up_Tommy Cocking

Third Place: Andy Knight showcased his golfing prowess, claiming the third spot with an impressive round of 36 points.

GBT-Forest-Pines_Day 1_ 3rd Andy Knight

Guest Winner: Despite just returning to golf after an injury, Oliver Campbell showcased his talent, securing the guest winner title with 30 points.

GBT_Forest Pines Day 1 Guest Winner_Mike Kulik

Nearest the Pin Winners:
Throughout the day, several players displayed their accuracy and precision, earning the prestigious nearest the pin titles.

Congratulations to:

1st Hole: Steve Sewell
7th Hole: Chris Stanley
9th Hole: Martin Rayner
14th Hole: Ken Moodie
17th Hole: Andy Knight

Click on the video below to see the action on the course and the conditions:

Day 2: Unforgettable Evening and Superb Golf

After an enjoyable evening of camaraderie, great food, and plenty of laughter, our participants teed off on day two with renewed energy. The weather gods smiled upon us, blessing us with perfect golfing conditions and a refreshing breeze. The Forest Pines course, in impeccable shape, provided a captivating backdrop for another day of thrilling golf.

Triumphant Performances:

Winner: Steve Critchley put on a masterclass, securing a fantastic victory with an impressive score of 41 points. His exceptional play solidifies his position as a strong contender for the final.

GBT_Forest Pines Day 2 Winner_Steve Critchley Presentation

Runner-Up: Continuing his stellar form, Steve Edmonds delivered another outstanding performance, earning the runner-up position with an impressive score of 40 points.

GBT-Forest-Pines_Day 2_ Runner Up Steve Edmonds

Third Place: David Griffin, a previous finalist, showcased his expertise and resilience, securing the third spot with an impressive round of 38 points.

GBT-Forest-Pines_Day 2_ 3rd David Griffin

Guest Winner: Oliver Campbell’s return to golf after injury was nothing short of impressive, earning him the guest winner title with 30 points.

GBT_Forest Pines Day 2 Guest Winner_Oliver Campbell

Nearest the Pin Winners:
The players showcased their precision on specific holes, capturing the nearest the pin titles:

6th Hole: Ken Moodie
8th Hole: David Griffin
10th Hole: Martin Rayner
16th Hole: Mike Kulik

Here are some scoring stats for both days:

• Forest Day 1 average 14.8pts

• Forest Day 2 average 14.9pts

• Pines average 12.8pts

• Beeches average 14.6pts

Looking Ahead:
As we bid farewell to Forest Pines, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Marriott Worsley Park event on August 8th, sponsored by Prestfield Wealth Management. It promises to be another memorable tournament filled with thrilling golf, networking opportunities, and unforgettable moments.

Stay tuned for the full results, pictures, and gallery on our GBT website. Explore the captivating images that showcase the camaraderie, competitive spirit, and natural beauty that made the Forest Pines Golf Trip an unforgettable experience.

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The Forest Pines Golf Trip was a resounding success, filled with outstanding performances, remarkable camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. As we look back on this extraordinary experience, we eagerly anticipate the next event at Marriott Worsley Park, where the GBT2023 Tour continues to redefine golfing excellence.

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