St Annes Old Lancs

Golf Club

7th February 2024

Step into the GBT2024 St Annes Old Links Experience!

Embark on a visual journey through the heart of golfing excellence and camaraderie as we unveil the captivating images from our second event of the GBT2024 at the renowned St Annes Old Links Golf Club. Wondering what makes St Annes Old Links a must-play venue for GBT? It’s the awe-inspiring course that never ceases to impress, and our gallery is here to showcase every thrilling moment.

As you scroll through these images, immerse yourself in the passion for golf, the excitement of competition, and the vibrant interactions that define the GBT community. Whether you’re a participant, a golf enthusiast, or a business professional seeking meaningful connections, this gallery offers a glimpse into the essence of GBT. You might just spot yourself or a fellow golfer in the midst of triumph!

These captured memories stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of GBT, where golf seamlessly intertwines with business, fostering connections that last. Join us on this visual celebration of GBT2024 St Annes Old Links, where inspiration, entertainment, and motivation await. Get ready to tee off your own journey with GBT!

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