GBT 2023 Tour Final

11th November 2023

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As the sun rises over the prestigious Le Golf National in Paris, anticipation fills the air on the final day of the GBT2023 Tour.

Nerves are palpable as the finalists, including the leader of the order of merit Steve Critchley, experienced Steve Edmonds, the impressive John Anderson, and the fearless rookie Danny Woods, prepare to embark on a golfing battle of a lifetime.

The caddies, the unsung heroes of the game, stand shoulder to shoulder with their players, not merely as bag carriers but as strategic partners and confidants. As the first tee awaits, the thrill of the game intertwines with the nerves of the unknown, creating an electric atmosphere.into a world of golfing excellence and camaraderie!

The journey begins with the first swing, a moment of intense pressure that can define the entire round. For Steve Critchley, the pressure is amplified on the opening hole, where nerves play a pivotal role. On the second hole, a challenging shot over water tests the mettle of Steve Edmonds, while the rookie Danny Woods showcases his impressive ball-striking abilities. Throughout the final, Jon Anderson dominates with excellence, illustrating his mastery of the course and the game.

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