Business Development

GBT Aims

Our aim is simple, to bring together business people who want to play golf and build relationships, meet like-minded business owners and to facilitate connections. Our focus is simple; we want to create an environment for our members to build long term quality relationships with a view to sharing quality business opportunities whilst playing golf on some of the North West’s finest golf courses.

GBT Business Development

GBT’s concept is to bring together Business Owners, Directors and Senior Managers who want to build business relationships whilst playing golf. We have ten events on the finest North West courses. With a Tour final for the top four on the order of merit. We will also be adding additional events through the year to provide seminars and social events in order to support our members. We want our members to have a great time, but we only want members who embrace the concept of building serious relationships and helping each other develop their businesses. This can be by passing business opportunities to each other or through business mentoring.
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